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    The CompTIA A+ certification unlocks new career prospects

    Introduction to CompTIA A+ certification

    The CompTIA A+ certification is administered by the Computing Technology Industry Association, and they are responsible for the validation of the required standards and skills to be attained by all entry-level IT specialists.  A selection of the subjects to be studied include: assembling and upgrading, repair, troubleshooting, security procedures and optimising a PC. All these subjects and knowledge gained on this course are well sought after by employers in the IT industry or employers seeking an IT technician.

    More about the CompTIA A+ Certification: Essentials exam

    Let’s now have a look at the CompTIA A+ Certification: Essentials exam, this vital part of the CompTIA A+ certification course endeavours to get the student ready to pass the exam. Practical skills will be developed so that you can use them on the job such as working with computer hardware and operating systems and installing components.  Other things that are learned will include diagnosing what is wrong with devices such as laptops and wireless interfaces and how to fix them or how to install or troubleshoot common PC components, for example CPU’s and disks.   Additionally it is important to learn and find out how to detect security issues and to understand and be aware of IT industry procedures in general.

    If you are looking for helpful Free resources in order to prepare for the CompTIA A+ Certification: Essentials exam you can look into the following. The Pro Profs offer a wide variety of Free resources such as informative PC articles, a study guide, tutorials and tips, practice exams and questions and other general resources such as a blog and tips on where to get reduced price books and products.


    More about the CompTIA A+ Certification: The Practical Application Exam

    This part of the course is more in-depth and gets you ready to pass the exam after studying more practical applications of the topic areas. Just as the Essentials course component of the course and exam prepares you this CompTIA A+ Certification: Practical Application section and exam assists you to become a highly skilled and competent IT technician.

    In order to help you get ready for the exam and be proficient and effective at carrying out all necessary procedures and practises you can find a lot of really useful Free resources.  Exam Compass offers you a look at the kinds of questions you will be asked on the exam and explains the exam procedures and parts.  You can easily take a free CompTIA A+ Certification practise exam, look at some practice questions and answers, view a preview of the exams and watch a video on the CompTIA A+ Certification training courses.


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    Mastering hardware installation

    To help you master the complexities and intricacies of installing PC hardware there a number of resources out there than can teach you all the right things you need to know and understand for the CompTIA A+ Certification.  It is one thing reading books but when it comes to exam day you need to remember what you have learned, therefore practising as much as possible by answering relevant questions goes a long way to prepare you for the real thing.  Access free exam practice for PC and IT installation at Pro Profs.

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    Being able to complete routine PC troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance

    Learning about any problems, repairs and how to maintain a PC is after all the crux of the matter of obtaining CompTIA A+ IT technician certification. There are a vast number of resources on the web that can boost your knowledge and skills, and worthwhile places that offer support and help such as providing forums or blogs.  Gaining wisdom and understanding from those who have already got the certification or who know about PC repairs and maintenance can be a real advantage in such a competitive field.  Learn That is one of the internet resource centres that offer free resources and free courses on a wide range of IT subjects for example, the A+ Certification: Part 1 – Computer Hardware, System Boards, and Storage Devices.  These free courses provide a good basis for those who are new to IT processes and who want to develop their expertise further. U Certify offers many free trial exam practice tests which are easy to download and practise with.

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    Becoming accustomed to the various PC operating systems and software

    In order to teach yourself and ace PC operating systems and software for the CompTIA A+ Certification look at as much related materials as you can. Visual resources are very useful in such a practical hands on subject as PC technician training.  You can view webinars at Professor Messer which look at operating systems and the correct way of working with them and using them.  You can learn about what operating systems and software there are and why they are needed and their advantages and disadvantages.  There is also an option on this site to upgrade and have a portable version of the courses on MP3. Furthermore, Professor has a study group on the site that you can join in with and share ideas and questions.  You will also find that there are pop quizzes and wikis devoted to the certification.

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    Recognizing and identifying networking requirements and procedures

    To develop your knowledge of networking and procedure there are numerous online resources available. For example you can download a number of PDF eBooks such as the CompTIA A+ 220-701 and 220-702 Cert Guide about networking and other related topics of interest. You will be able to self-assess your IT network knowledge and skills as you continue on your certification training.

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    Put into practise effective security procedures

    Many sites offer free demo courses or downloads so if you are thinking of paying for a CompTIA A+ Certification course this can be helpful before you commit to buy or even just to find out more about the certification or subjects. Quick Certs is one of these sites  Or why not look at some free resources that will improve your skills in providing effective security actions for the PC. One excellent example is again at Pro who offer a wide range of free Comptia Security+ Certification Exam Resources. You can take practise tests, and exams, use their cram sheets, flash cards and log in to the Pro Profs WebSchool. Get all this great information in one place.  Extra help is available from forums and wikis focusing on security issues for PC’s. Why pay for brilliant training and materials when you can get them all for free at ProProfs! Education doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Only pay for your actual exams.

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    Know about computer operational procedures

    Access to great online materials is crucial for you to proceed with the CompTIA A+ Certification course. At you can register and view free modules and demonstrations on all aspects of the certification including computer operational procedures.

    Other aspects that are very beneficial for future IT technicians in the making include watching videos on social networking sites.  Some are very professional and give you such a great insight into what is required on the job and whilst training. These videos are easy to watch and you can easily tell the people doing them have experience of IT training.  You can always browse around until you find one on the topic you need or for an overview of the CompTIA A+ Certification course.

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    Customer service and business procedures

    So you have trained and learned about IT systems and you know the PC inside and out, is this enough for a career as an IT technician? Well in this day and age it isn’t. Why not?  Because employers have said that one of the things that is often lacking in a new employee are skills in dealing with people and colleagues. Customer service and business communication and behaviour and the Computing Technology Industry Association have listened to these concerns and therefore this is a prerequisite of the CompTIA A+ Certification course. Find out more about this here:  You can also view and read about this on Pro Profs

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    What can you do once you have completed and passed the CompTIA A+ Certification Course?

    Once fully trained your opportunities for employment are really comprehensive, which is very good news after you have trained and passed the exams.  The certification is recognized worldwide and is highly valued. The kinds of work available include: work in the Manufacturing industries, Freelance work, Programming, onsite PC technician, field technician, and even IT Trainer.  IT training such as CompTIA A+ Certification is always needed and the chances and job openings are going to be in demand in ever increasing numbers now and in the future.

    You can find out free career advice and info on future opportunities as well as free resources to enhance your training at sites such as TRAIN SIGNNAL TRAINING Watch their videos, read their articles and blogs and discover a new world opening up before you. CompTIA is another wonderful place to really view the career paths open to IT Technicians This website is broad and shows what options you have to build on you present learning. Why stay where you are when you can grow; from beginner, advanced, specialist and expert.  CompTIA also discusses the kinds of companies that hire professionals trained via CompTIA A+ Certification. There is a specific page full of free career resources; such as how to promote and market yourself. Remember free doesn’t always mean it is inferior there is so much that is good, great and supportive on the internet course.

     If you decide to study the for the CompTIA A+ Certification training course and become a highly trained and qualified IT Technician you will surely find a worthwhile and rewarding career.

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